Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Returned Missionaries...

Bienvenidos al 'blog' de la mision! We hope you enjoy looking through the pictures of former companions and old friends, and how they have changed or 'increased' in #s, since they took off that black badge. I think the Hawkins family wins the 'most expanded family #s award', and I'm sure they are rightfully proud. If you have any recent photos to share (especially if there are more 'family additions' or other milestones reached in your lives), or know of old companions/friends who are not posted here, please spread the word so we may all remember our time together in the best mission in the world-Chile Concepcion South!

Hawkins Family Photo
Pres & Hermana 2007
Pres & Sis Hawkins w Pres & Sis Romney

Abra Michal (Adams) & Spencer Ramos, 12-03-05
Alicia (Criddle) & Matthew Maw, 11-10-05
Andrew & Katherine (McAdams) Bettilyon, 2-16-08
Angela & James Dixon, 5-17-08
Ashley & Adam Burr, 2-15-05
Autumn & Jeff Crump, April 2005
Brandee & Troy Gordo, 09-23-06
Brynne & Jared Gant, 2-02-07
Caitlin & Michael Preece, 2-15-07
Carita (Abrahamson) & Mauricio Guarda, 8-11-06
Cecilee (Walker) & Brandon Cannon.
Christina Jimenez
Claudia & Mario Posas
Collette (Orme) & Brandon Yost, 12-28-04
E DeLaTorre & E Barrenechea
E. David Whelan
E. Gant's Wedding
E. Klaus Ewoldt
Elder Aravena & Future Wife
Elder Payne
FHE at Thanksgiving Point, April 2008
Heather & Adam Ivey, 6-05-04
Heather & Caleb Horlacher, 12-17-05
Heather & Jake Foutz, 09-08-06
Heather & Quin Rohrer, 8-10-05
Heidi (Heelis) & Rick Moore 10-05-07
Jacqueline & Greg Tingey, 5-26-06
Jamie & Aaron Sayre, 5-20-08
JaNae (Jacobson) & Spencer Haycock, 8-18-04
Jenelle & Chris Reed, 11-19-05
Julie & Landon Lisonbee 2-15-08
Karissa & Toby Lander, 5-13-05
Katherine & Wade Christensen, 8-25-07
Katie & Joshua Mabey, 8-11-07
Kenley & Erin Holt, 5-3-08
Kim & BJ Verhoeff, 11-27-04
Hannah Verhoeff
Kristin & Ryan Goodman, 8-20-05
Kristina & Bradley Harris, 12-17-05
Kristy & Steven Hansen, 6-07-08
Krystle & Brandon Barker, 3-09-07
Lauren (Havens) & Ryan Vellinga, 5-31-08
Makell & David Rogers, 8-08-05
Matt & Gretchen Hitt, 5-26-07
Matthew Chapman SLC Temple
Melissa (Stone) & Mike Morris, 4-16-05
Michelle & Judson May 10-5-07
Molly & KC Oliver, 8-18-06
Nathan & Natalie (Young) Felt, 8-21-08
Nellena & Tyler Haskell, 09-12-08
Nicole (King) & Trent Sorensen, 04-29-06
Nicole, Trent and Brenden Sorensen 4-20-08
Paul DeLaTorre
Rebecca (Hixson) & Ian Parker, 6-20-08
Returned Miss at BYU
Sabrina Paez Wedding
Sara & Jonathan Parra, 3-03-06
Shannon & Wyatt Van Noy, 9-30-05
Sharli & Andy King, 3-18-06
Sherry & Stephen Nielson
Silvia & Daniel Yanez, 4-06-07
Steve & Nicole Courtright, 8-20-04
Steve, Nicole & Alex Courtright
Susanna (Roberts) & Brian Smith, 7-01-06
Tamara (Wiles) & Steve Lambson, 8-03-07
Taylor & Shelly (Cook) Jensen, 6-29-07
Tim & Amanda Rock-Summerhays, 9-22-07
Valeria (Peterson) & Michael Emery, 3-24-07

Valerie & Shane Juber, 9-13-08


VerHoef family said...

This was a great idea! Hopefully more comments will come!

Tamara said...

YEAH! I'm sooooo glad that Nicole told me that ya'll had this blog going. I think it's a wonderful idea. It took me forever to find my picture...I thought you might've forgotten about me! Look forward to seeing more posts! Cuidate, hermanos!

Kenneth said...

This is the coolest thing I've ever seen. Great idea!

susie said...

Yay! It is so wonderful to see everyone again. Love the pictures!
-susanna roberts smith

Dale said...

This was a great idea. Yay!

I'm going to have to find a wedding picture now...

Blogdor said...

Another great way for poor communicators like me to try and communicate with everyone. If you want to see what's going on in my little family, go to I hope to see more of your blogs.

Adam, Ashley and Eli Burr

Courtright Family said...

This is great! I loved seeing the pictures of so many old friends and their spouses. This will be a great way to keep in contact with everyone. The link to our family's blog is posted here on this blog (on the right hand side). Thanks to Nicole Sorenson and Hermana Hawkins for putting this together.

Steve, Nicole, & Alex Courtright

lauren & ryan said...

I feel so silly and emotional when I see all the pictures that remind me of the mission! So glad to have found this blog! Thanks so much for doing this.

Lauren (Havens) Vellinga